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          Natureland Seal Sanctuary Wishlist                   

Natureland is well known for rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned and injured seals that become stranded on Lincolnshire beaches. Visitors can see the various stages of their rehabilitation and hear about the rescue work at feeding times. 

There are not just seals at Natureland but a whole host of beautiful and amazing animals.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Natureland have had to close their doors to the public for the first time in 55 years, so have no funds coming in to help  feed their animals.

We at Digby's would like to help out in their hour of need, so we have made Natureland our chosen sanctuary to help this year. We will have a collection bucket on the counter for any spare change & any fund raising activities we do this year will go directly to Natureland.

In addition we have joined forces and are operating a Wishlist for them to help feed some of their animals. All items listed below are available for you to buy for Natureland, we will

deliver them free of charge and will include your name on your donations if you so wish, you can either buy the items direct from this page or purchase products for Natureland next time you are in store and we will deliver them for you.

Some items have unlimited quantities such as the Mackerel or Sprats to feed the seals, others will have specific quantities & once the required amount of products has been purchase they will show as out of stock on this page.

If ordering on the website please use the drop down on the shipping option to find the free delivery for Natureland.

Thank you for reading & lets hope we can help them continue to do their outstanding work.