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Designed to be used inside aviaries and bird cages, Mendip Dry-Bird Dust-Free Birdcage Bedding consists entirely of kiln-dried untreated recycled wood and is 100% dust-free to ensure that it does not damage your pet's eyes or respiratory system.

Highly absorbent and incredibly user-friendly, this bird bedding will not scatter or be blown away when your bird flaps its wings, and despite being made exclusively for birds it is also suitable for reptiles and small animals such as rabbits and hamsters.   

  • Natural wood-based bedding
  • Suitable for birds, reptiles and small animals 
  • Made using kiln-dried, recycled materials
  • Can be used in aviaries, flights, pigeon lofts & cages
  • Thoroughly tested on Lories, Finches, Canaries, Pigeons & Hawks
  • Won't blow away like other bird bedding
  • Dust-free - Will not damage lungs or eyes
  • Size: 80 litres (approx.)

Dry Bird 80 litres

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